Welcome to Surface Deep from leading dermatologist Dr. Alicia Zalka, MD, who promises to bring you fresh, uncomplicated, and straightforward information on how to care for your skin, hair and nails. The aim of Surface Deep is to inform and demystify, not to push products.

Through Surface Deep, Dr. Zalka will provide honest advice, guidance and answers about skincare that is unbiased and backed by 18 years of her clinical experience and knowledge. She wishes to uncover, simplify and decode within the world of skin care, what works, what is just hype, and what you should not waste money on.

Improving the health, fitness and beauty of your skin does not necessarily require the purchase of the latest bottle or jar of promises.  It just requires some key principles, explained by someone who has the credentials, background, and passion to bring it to you.

Dr. Zalka's goal is help people understand that health and beauty is often more about prevention than reinvention.

Dr. Zalka has a private practice in Connecticut, is on staff at Danbury Hospital and New Milford Hospital, and is an Associate Clinical Professor at the Yale University School of Medicine, Department of Dermatology.

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